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Meets USDA Performance Standards for (A1)(A4)(A5)(A8) type products

Before and Afters

Concrete & Asphalt


Safe for Concrete and Asphalt. Spot cleaning or full on power washing, there is no better, nor safer cleaner on the market. Water Based and Bio-degradable !   

Hoods & Filters


Hoods and Filters don't stand a chance against heavy grease and build up. Spray on and wipe. Tough build-up emulsifies on contact. Safe for 24hr working kitchens. 

Tile & Grout


Best Tie and Grout cleaner on the market. Our cleaner is Non-Enzymatic, that means it's safe for both organic and epoxy 

based grouts.  

Restaraunt Equipment


Cleans all restaurant equipment. Safe on and  inside ovens, stoves, grills and deep fryer boil-out. Streak free and safe on stainless steel equipment.

Grease & Grime Build-up


Grime buildup on chairs, fabric, door handles, trash cans and food carts come right off with ease.

Gas & Diesel Pumps


Diesel and Gas Pumps will come clean on contact. Our ultra-safe formula will not harm pump graphics, gas nozzles, stainless steel and powder-coated surfaces.   

Our instructions are this simple!

Daily Cleaning

4-6 ounces in a 32 ounce spray bottle and fill with water for all general cleaning, inside and out! Hoods & Filters, Equipment, Coffee Stations, Walls, Trash Cans, Food Carts, Gas Pumps, Ice Boxes and much more.

1-3 ounces per gallon for general mopping. 1-2 ounces in light traffic areas and 3 ounces in heavily soiled ares such as in front of a deep fry line. Sometimes you might need to catch-up on a really dirty floor so it's ok to add a little more (6-8 ounces) to get it fully clean. After that go back our recommended daily use ratios. That's where you get the most bang for your buck.

Fryer-Boil Out 

Yes, this product is highly recommended for deep fryer cleaning. 1/4 to 1/2 Gallon for a two basket fryer. Fill just below fill-line with water. Roll-Boil for 20-40 minutes depending on build-up. Flush and rinse thoroughly with water, dry, and fill back with cooking oil. No harmful smells and corrosive chemicals. Safe and effective. Full instructions are available for in-store safety manuals.  

Concrete and Asphalt

We suggest utilizing a pump sprayer at a 50/50 mix for heavy build-up. Power-washing is optimal but a deck-brush, hose and a little sweat will also get great results as well.

Note: Always place safety cones & wet floor signage in the areas you are cleaning. Also, please follow all local and state regulations for exterior cleaning and storm water drain off. One Clean/Drive Up works extremely well with interior and exterior oil separation units. 


Additional Tools and Cleaners

We offer a full line of other support cleaning products and specialized cleaning tools specific to the Restaurant and C-Store industry.


The Green Non-Scratch Scrub Pad

Our non-scratch scrub pad is safe on all surfaces. Will not scratch Plexiglass, Roller Grills, Gas Pump Graphics, Vent Hoods, Tile, Counter-Tops. Protect your investments and give your team the tools that work for you and not against you. Pads are durable and will last a long time. When they get dirty they will rinse clean.  


Glass & Surface Cleaner

Environmentally safe glass cleaner. Ammonia Free and safe to use in food prep area's.  


Dish Soap

Safe and affordable everyday use dish soap. Keep your kitchen tools clean and you're cleaning costs down. 


Solo Super Absorbant

8 times the absorption rate of other oil dry products without the mess. Organic composition, bio-degradable. No mess and easy to clean. Lightweight with super absorption power-easy to use and easy to manage by your team.       


Eco-One Super Cleaner "Ready To Use"

Same great product as One Clean & Drive Up but in a ready to use formula. No mixing is required. 


One Boat Super Cleaner

A total boat cleaner. Hulls, Vinyl Seats, Bilge Pump Cleaner, Deck Wash, Cooler Cleaning, Head/Shower, as well as complete Galley Cleaning. Safe for your boat and the environment. Eliminate un-needed inventory and harmful products. "One Boat" does it all!

About Us

Simplify Your Cleaning

Why complicate it with multiple products...just simplify it! Our simple line-up of products does the work of 6-8 interior and exterior products from the competition. Reduce inventory and costs and simplify you're cleaning program.

C-stores, Restaurants and Industrial Facilities and more, we have been keeping our clients image's clean for over 30 years! 

Distributed Nationally

We are available through most national and regional distribution channels. Need help finding our product? Drop us a line we will help get you connected.      (336) 992-2585